Shadazzle Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Polish Review

This week begins our search for the perfect stovetop cleaner/all-purpose scrub cleaner! We are on the hunt for a natural, good smelling, effective cleaner that can remove charred and burnt-on food and also leave a nice shine. We will be testing the products on glass cook-top stoves, but also stainless steel sinks and fiberglass showers with glass doors. We will use a scoring system out of 5 points for each category and average them for the final score. First up:

Shadazzle Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Polish

A solid, clay-based, all-purpose cleaner that comes with a non-scratch sponge.


Shadazzle comes in a round, plastic container with a screw-off lid with enough space inside to also store the sponge. The label was redesigned in 2019 and the new look is clean, simple and modern.  Overall, we liked the packaging but do want to note that, due to the wide grip needed, it may be difficult to open for people with arthritis or hand mobility or strength problems.

Score: 5/5

Product Effectiveness:

Our first test was on a flat, glass cooktop stove with a ring of burnt-on food that spilled over while cooking.  We thought that shadazzle did a good job removing some of the fresher bits, in fact, it did a far better job than most other cleaners we have used. However, it was really no match for a razor blade, used to scrape off the buildup.  We were surprised and extremely impressed with the shine it left behind, which is something we don't see with most cleaners.  We also tried it in a fiberglass shower with a glass door, where it did an excellent job of removing soap scum but didn't leave a noticeable shine like it did on the stove.  We didn't use it on tile but we think it would give an incredible shine, just like it did on the stove.  Using it in the stainless steel sink was successful and maybe slightly better than soap and water, but we weren't blown away by it.

Score: 4/5

Convenience of Use:

The instructions say to wet the sponge and rub it over the clay to pick up some of the product. We found that it took a lot of rubbing to pick up enough product to clean effectively and we had to go back and collect more often. This made the cleaning take a lot longer.  Additionally, the instructions say to let the clay dry fully before replacing the lid, which took several hours, even overnight to dry completely.  For us, as professional cleaners, we would not be able to easily store this without the lid to let it dry.  For the average consumer, it is a little inconvenient to have to let the container sit out but we don't think it's a deal breaker.

Score: 3/5


We bought the lemon scent but Shadazzle is also available in lavender or eucalyptus.  The lemon scent smells more like lemongrass/citronella but we thought it was natural and pleasant. 

Score: 5/5


We paid $10 for the 10.58 oz tub and we think it's a great price.  After many uses, we have barely made a dent in it so we think it will last a long time.

Score: 5/5

Other things to note: Shadazzle is also advertised to work on shoes, pots and pans, inside ovens, plastic and tires.  We think it would do a great job on all of those things.


Final notes: We love Shadazzle as an all-purpose cleaner for general kitchen and bathroom cleaning.  We especially love the shine that it leaves behind, which is its most unique feature.  We didn't love the process of using it or the need to let it dry for many hours.  We believe that Shadazzle is an excellent product to try in your own home but we don't believe it to be the perfect all-purpose scrub.

You can purchase your own Shadazzle to try out here.