How to Clean: Marble & Granite

We've seen more than our fair share of cloudy or spotted marble and granite surfaces.  Even after seeing it so often, we still feel a little pain in our hearts when we see such beautiful natural stone, ruined by harsh chemicals.  Natural and homemade cleaners tend to be easier on these delicate surfaces but there are still some ingredients to steer clear of.

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The main thing to be concerned with is the pH of your cleaners.  A neutral pH is best for marble, granite, travertine, and even hardwood floors.  This means products like vinegar and bleach should be kept far away!  A pH of 7 is ideal.

pH Scale
Here are the pH levels of some common substances.  Notice, wine and lemon juice can also damage your natural stone!  Be sure to clean up spills immediately.  (Credit:Here)

Generally, the best way- and the way that marble and granite experts will recommend- to clean these surfaces is just plain soap and water.  You can use a cup of soapy water with a sponge or put the soapy water in a spray bottle.  See our all purpose cleaner recipe for a cleaner that is safe for all surfaces.  You can buy pH test strips to make sure your combination of water/soap/essential oils is pH neutral.  Just make sure to always dilute your essential oils.  They are so concentrated that applying them directly can strip the finish right off the stone.

If you accidentally damaged your natural stone or inherited someone else's damaged stone, you may need a professional to refinish the surface.  If the damage isn't too bad, you might be able to get away with applying the appropriate polish without doing any sanding, buffing or refinishing.

The point to remember: Stronger isn't always better!


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